Makaila Guardiola

Makaila Guardiola


Squat: 143lbs.

Bench: 103lbs.

Deadlift: 173lbs.

Hip Thrust 263lbs.


I am qualified to coach. I am also working on getting certified in personal training and nutrition.

About Coach

I have always been active, and played sports throughout high school like basketball and running. When I graduated, I fell off the wagon and struggled to get up and even go for a walk. Then I woke up one day and had a whole different mindset. I had researched healthy foods and was working out every day at home. Ever since then, I have kept up with my fitness. I've done a variety of workouts, running, swimming, weight training, cardio, and HIIT workouts are my favorites!

Turning Point

My family has a history of heart disease, cholesterol, blood pressure, etc. Pretty much all the bad stuff that nobody wants to have. I didn't want to end up in the same boat, so I did lots of research. What foods prevent certain things, as well as which ones will benefit me and make my body stronger? My family and I ate better and in turn, I felt better too. I had so much energy I would sometimes work out 3-4 times a day because of how good I was feeling. I now feel educated enough that I can help others who are looking to live a healthier lifestyle.

Motivation & Passion

I want to help women not only look their best but also feel their best. I want to help you reach your goals. I want to bring out the power and strength you have not only physically but mentally as well. I want to be your motivator and friend. No matter how big or small of progress you've made, I will be there to congratulate you and push you to keep going!

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