Audry Altman

Audry Altman


Hip Thruster 263lbs.

Deadlift 155lbs.

Back Squat 155lbs.

35min 10-mile bike ride

4sec. handstand hold

20" Box Jumps


I am qualified to teach yoga at beginner and intermediate levels. Also, I'm currently working on certification in Personal Training and Nutrition.

About Coach

My fitness journey started with Yoga over 12 years ago on a little alpaca ranch in New Mexico. I was enthusiastic about the Color Runs when they were popular about 7 years back and my fitness journey progressed towards CrossFit and a stationary bike 4 years back. I've been on a fitness progression journey for over 12 years!! With Mobility/ Flexibility training, Yoga, Cardiovascular, and Weight training.

Turning Point

Growing up it wasn't about nutrition or physical health, it was getting food on the table, and you had better eat your whole plate... I wasn't taught about physical health or nutrition growing up. We were doing good to just get by financially. Can anyone relate?... My life has changed tremendously, I am now able to educate myself on how to care for not only myself and my family but I have the honor of helping so many other women nutritiously and physically. Generations of under-education on health and fitness are coming to an end!

Motivation & Passion

I want to help women feel comfortable in their skin. I want to help you find your strength. I want to help you build confidence, and strength physically and mentally. That is my passion. My motivation is celebrating every step toward my goal. An object in motion will stay in motion and an object at rest will stay at rest. I tell my clients if they're working on their discipline ask a friend to join in on their fitness journey to help keep them motivated. And of course, a coach that fits your personality it's great too!

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